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  • November 11, 2021
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General Management E-Learning

Virtual public management training is designed to familiarize people with general management. Public management has led to the human knowledge and cultural achievements of each nation for centuries that have been passed down in writing from generation to generation and have embellished and embellished human civilization. In the transmission of human heritage and today, it is sometimes considered as a tool in carrying out government affairs or proving individual rights.

Managing and owning public management depends on the culture and values ​​of a community or organization, and a particular approach certainly can not be a prescription for different societies. Numerous methods were used. Some researchers attribute the history of “management” to the beginning of human existence and believe that “public management” was introduced with the formation of the family institution.

The history of the creation of management has been established for a long time. The culture of nations has played an undeniable role in the transmission of human heritage and today it is sometimes considered as a tool in carrying out government affairs or proving individual rights.

Note: The certificate with professional technical approval of this course is issued for only 35 hours.

The chapters of the general management virtual training course are:
Outcome Upon completion, the student should be able to demonstrate an understanding of basic management issues.
Develop a student’s understanding of the evolution of management theory.

  • Full attention
  • Intellectual
  • Focus

Who is this course for:
Target future entrepreneurs to gain insight into overall management.
People in management can also gain knowledge from the course.
Students who manage.
General Management Course Prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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