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  • November 11, 2021
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Managing And Planning Physical Education E-Learning

Virtual training in physical education management and planning has been created for people to become fully acquainted with physical education management and planning. Management of physical education and sports is the process of providing and employing effective, skilled and efficient human resources and the necessary tools to plan, organize, coordinate and control to achieve the goals of physical education according to the value system. Educational planning in the broadest sense of the word is “study in the society in question, analysis of the current situation, discovering shortcomings, causes and motivations for developing and adopting the best and most efficient methods to meet social demands in order to achieve better results. “More comprehensive and effective.” Planning in physical education and sports is the process of making a set of decisions to take action on physical education and sports in the future, with which you will be fully acquainted within the training course on management and planning of physical education.

Virtual training courses in physical education management and planning:
What is data analysis and why is it important in sports?
Statistics and their role in sports
What is probability and how does it affect exercise?
Fundamentals of Data Science
Python for data analysis
Scale for data analysis
R for data analysis
SQL for data analysis
Video analysis in sports
How wearable technology is used in sports.
How data can be used to model and predict performance.
What is fan interaction and how can it be tracked?
The importance of data in scouting
How strategic management can be optimized by data analysis.
Machine learning to identify matching matches
How AI can help athletes prevent injury.
The future of artificial intelligence in sports
How sabermetrics started analyzing modern sports data.
Expanding to new markets with the help of data
How the NBA uses data analysis
Impact of blockchain on future data analysis
How the Internet of Things can affect the future of sports data.
Who is this course for:
Sports Management Students
Interested in marketing, financial support and business management
Sports managers
Prerequisites for the course of management and planning of physical education:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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