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  • November 11, 2021
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Managing Sports Places E-Learning

Virtual training in sports venue management, holding special events, is the main factor in creating great sports venues. They enable owners and operators to generate revenue through advertising on days when home teams are absent.

History of sports and sports and public places; Managerial duties; Principles of planning; Construction planning; Sports space management; Places marketing; Legal issues; Absorb events; Crisis Management; And place evaluation. One of the most important goals of this training course.
Service centers in the field of sports can have high productivity when providing their services while adapting to the needs of customers, also has good organizational productivity.

To meet the basic physical and mental needs and prevent the occurrence and transmission of various diseases and accidents, the health of sports facilities should be referred to a set of qualitative and quantitative conditions.

How to choose sports venues based on location and geographical location:

  • Physical specifications of sports spaces (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Specifications and environmental conditions of sports venues. (Light, insulation and ventilation)
  • How are the facilities and side spaces of sports venues (locker room, toilets)
  • How to secure play spaces and equipment

How to choose sports venues based on the situation and geographical location of the city:
There are two aspects to building sports venues around cities:

  • Proportional proximity:
    Construction of sports facilities next to parks and green spaces, next to educational facilities such as schools and universities, next to residential areas
  • Disproportionate proximity:
    Construction of sports facilities along highways, railways, terminals, industrial facilities, fuel stores and gas stations, municipal sewers, hospitals and…

List of sports venue management virtual training courses:

  • International organizations
  • Sports management
  • Sports marketing
  • Sports facilities and places
  • Public Relations in Sports
  • Basics of organization and management
  • Research method
  • Global marketing in sports
  • Safety in sports venues
  • Sports venue management

Sports management course is useful for the following disciplines:
Physical Education
Prerequisites for sports facilities management training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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