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  • November 11, 2021
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PBA Professional And Modern Human Resource Management E-Learning

PBA Virtual Training Professional Management of Modern Human Resources Professional commitment and organizational commitment are similar to the types of commitment, the focus of discussion and study of management and organizational behavior researchers in recent decades. Most early theorists, assuming the perspective of professional-bureaucratic conflict, believe that professional and organizational commitment are in conflict with each other and have an incompatible relationship with each other. As employees’ commitment to their profession increases, their commitment to the organization decreases. In contrast, some researchers, including recent researchers, believe that professional and organizational commitment are not necessarily conflicting structures, but can be significantly correlated with each other. In organizations, we can see a high level of both types of commitment Was.

Human resource management models:

In global and international organizations, different models of human resource management are formed, which are:

1- Nationalist model:
This model focuses on maintaining the homogeneity of groups in order to ensure performance and improve it. This model includes compliance with the standards used in the parent company and therefore harmonizes the external members of the group with its standards. Such an approach has long been used by American companies to enforce formal laws; (Like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc.) In this plan, the human resources department has a decentralized entity and their only task is to control and execute.

2- Multicenter model:
The main purpose of this model is to use human resource policies for local needs. Therefore, according to this model, decentralized units of human resources benefit from managerial independence. This famous slogan is the best example of this model. Think global, act locally. Such a model is based on bilateral interactions between independent companies and is concentrated around a central office. The information is in the central organization and legally evaluates the actions of independent companies. The central organization is also responsible for developing innovative practices.

3- Climatic model:
In this model, the company is viewed as a network and assumed as a flat structure. The company has a large number of other companies that have legal equality. They are connected through financial, human and intelligence flows. The companies that use this model have global strategies and have a cosmopolitan staff. In this model, the idea of ​​competence is emphasized. This idea is the main factor of internal promotion.

4- Area-based model:
In this model, according to strategy and management, the world is divided into local homogeneous regions that operate around independent local central offices. The local human resources department is the liaison between the central office and its members. This model and the previous model have common features.

List of topics of PBA virtual training course in modern professional human resource management:
Measures required to perform human resource management tasks
Advice and assessment of the required manpower status
Familiarity with the development of people’s talents and skills
Creating a healthy and favorable environment for employees
Prerequisites for the new professional human resource management PBA training course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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