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  • November 11, 2021
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PBA Professional Health, Safety Management E-Learning

PBA Virtual Training in Occupational Health and Safety Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management Knowledge is basically a technique for preventing physical, chemical and mechanical risk factors in the workplace, which by reducing the effects of these factors and eliminating them can prevent harmful factors to employees. Industrial, manufacturing, service and even agricultural sector in the country. To achieve this goal, occupational health science has three important and basic steps, which are:

Identification, evaluation and control of risk factors:
That is, an occupational health professional first identifies the risk. And then it measures the amount of risk. And in the last step, it controls the risk factors. For example, an occupational health engineering expert at an oil refinery first identifies sources of hazard, including sources of harmful chemical contaminants in the workplace, sources of excessive noise, how hazardous materials are stored, and how they are produced and consumed. Density determines the amount of pollution in the workplace air. Then, if the amount of pollution is higher than the standard, it controls and eliminates harmful factors in the refinery work environment with engineering methods.

General goals of occupational health engineering:
Provide, maintain and improve the physical and mental health status of employees in all occupations in the industrial, mining, agricultural and service sectors of the country and prevent the occurrence of work-related diseases, work-related accidents and select a work appropriate to the job that can be done.

PBA Vocational Training in Occupational Health and Safety Management:
Occupational health engineering activities in all organizations include two sections: occupational safety and health. In the safety section, the identification of workplace hazards and how to control them is discussed. And includes several topics such as technical safety in the processes of welding, cutting, turning, carpentry. Work at heights. Drilling wells and tunnels, the safety of buildings and machinery and tools, electrical safety, fire safety, mine safety and so on. And in the field of occupational health with the aim of preventing work-related diseases. Harmful factors such as physical factors. The chemical, ergonomic and mechanical work environment is identified, measured, evaluated and finally controlled.

Physical harmful factors including sound, vibration, light, pressure, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, heat and cold, and humidity are examined. Each of which is measured by specific devices. And after evaluation, the relevant indicators are controlled if needed by various engineering methods.

Prerequisites for PBA training course in Occupational Health and Safety Management:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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