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  • November 11, 2021
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Planner Of Family Social- Economic Affairs E-Learning

Family Socio-Economic Planner Virtual Training: Unlike learning to ride a bike or swim, many of us do not receive explicit instructions from our parents about how to deal with money. Instead, our attitudes are often formed as a reaction to what we see in childhood. Children who watch their parents spend money recklessly. They often become economically cautious in adulthood and vice versa. When two people share different styles of money management, frustration and hurt can seep into the relationship.

This course demonstrates how to overcome the often-abandoned financial problems of setting up a family cash flow program. Using its five pillars of financial coordination as a guide, Amanda explains how to build a plan. Involve all family members in its implementation. Looking at money management as a system designed to meet your specific needs.

He highlights common financial conflicts and shows how to create a healthy and sustainable program. He explains how constitutions can be made to communicate effectively. The “request” prioritized each partner. Identify money management roles tailored to each partner’s strengths and bring them all together in one work plan.

What you will learn in the virtual training course for family socio-economic planners:

  • Why couples fight over money
  • Explore values
  • Effective communication
  • Clarity
  • Successful negotiation
  • Assign roles commensurate with each partner’s strength
  • Set routines
  • Create your family cash flow plan
  • Dealing with problems
  • Make changes
    Involve children in the process of managing their family cash flow

The family is a social symbol. Because like a mirror, it contains the main elements of society and is a reflection of social disorders. Apart from this, the family is one of the most important factors affecting the society. No society can ever be healthy unless it has healthy families. The family can be considered as a system of relationships. That socialization and personality development of individuals is one of its important and basic functions.

The family is one of the oldest social institutions, which according to many experts, has a history as old as human life. In terms of the importance and role that this institution has in the health and continuity of society. It has always been one of the topics of interest and attention of social thinkers. To the extent that each thinker, in accordance with his expertise and intellectual background, has thought and pondered in its various dimensions. Despite the generality and pervasiveness of this institution in all societies, there are many differences, as in other aspects of social life, in family and marriage patterns among different cultures.

Job Qualifications of the Virtual Training Course for Family Socio-Economic Affairs Planner:

  • Family management
  • Establishing healthy human and moral relations in the family and society
  • Setting a budget in the family and managing its expenses
  • Knowing the family and its needs
  • Education of the child and its place in the family
  • Develop a creative and entrepreneurial personality
  • Parenting
  • Family cooperation with school and other educational centers
  • Enjoy your legal rights
  • Inform other family members about their rights
  • Communication with the jobs of kindergarten teachers, psychologists and nurses at home

Prerequisites for this course:

The virtual training course for family socio-economic planners does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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