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  • November 11, 2021
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Real Estate Master Of Business Administration E_learning

Real Estate MBA Virtual Education: In today’s rapidly changing world, building a safe haven for people has become one of the concerns of people and governments due to the rapidly growing population as well as unbridled urbanization. Is. The term real estate refers to all property, whether movable or immovable, that is owned by an individual, individual, group, organization, or government. In many cases, the building (house) or house in which people choose to live and live is called real estate.

However, this word does not only refer to the roof over people’s heads. In a broader sense, real estate refers to a business whose activities range from buying and selling houses, land, buildings, shops, gardens, etc. to mortgaging and renting.
A person who works in the field of real estate is called a real estate consultant, or in more slang terms, a firm or a broker. The job of this person is to introduce and bring the parties to a transaction closer to each other, to explain and explain the terms, and to adapt the demands of the seller and the buyer to make a transaction. And receive a fee for consulting and concluding a contract for the transaction.

The MBA or business management course has been popular for many years in the country. And with the advancement of technology, business disciplines are more directly related to making money and making money. It has attracted a lot of fans. The MBA course is being held in universities and institutes of the country with limited orientations such as strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, human resources, etc. Iranian Virtual Education Foundation provides real estate courses in a general and specialized way.

Objectives of this course:

  • Equip learners with all the tools, skills, approaches, and attitudes to facilitate decision-making and guide decisions;
  • Growing and improving the individual and group abilities of learners in order to address the prospects and problems facing this business;
  • Development and expansion of scientific and practical skills of learners in the field of real estate;
  • Strengthen negotiation and communication skills;
  • Develop and improve market research and analysis skills;
  • Giving the necessary insights and attitudes to learners in the face of today’s modern and competitive world;

List of MBA Virtual Learning Trends:

  • Customer orientation in real estate consulting
  • Work psychology
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Review of housing market developments
  • The importance of document registration
  • Tax accounting
  • Communication skills
  • Strategy management, conflict, crisis, customer relationship
  • Urban planning
  • Housing transaction tracking privacy

Prerequisites for the MBA course in Real Estate:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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