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  • November 11, 2021
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Systemic Thinking E-Learning

Virtual training in systems thinking: Systems thinking is a systematic and comprehensive look at issues and does not need to be related to technology to be systematic. Experts who are effective in thinking about the system see connections that others do not easily recognize or see. Systems thinking allows BA to see how one thing affects another. It affects the lost effects and needs that are so important to success. Systems thinking allows us to break down big concepts into smaller ones. We also parse details to see a larger image. This helps us to find important and relevant items in many details.

more details:
When you receive a request for what appears to be a small change, the thinking of the system helps you to see its effects on other things. Many times the beneficiary asks for something small, but in fact, the impact is much greater. Systemic thinking skills help us to analyze and apply these effects. Great system thinkers can see how something big affects the details. And how it can eliminate places related to these details and what effect it has. There are many techniques that can help us connect with people. Process and technology to get these effects from small and large. Comments such as the use of process analysis and data flow diagrams are just a few examples of our set of tools as a BA to help system thinking.

The relationship between Russell Acaf and systems thinking is similar to that of Newton and gravity. Everyone had seen gravity. But Newton theorized it. Systemic thinking has been proposed and recommended for many years in ethics, literature and different cultures. But Russell Ackoff created a scientific framework for it.

Prerequisites for the Systematic Virtual Training Course:

  • This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics

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