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  • November 13, 2021
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Areoponics Operator E-Learning

Virtual cultivation training of aeroponic greenhouses (aeration) teaches how to grow plants in the air. And tasks such as solubilization,
Determination of plant nutritional needs, management of biological and non-biological stresses, and adjustments of rotational systems and greenhouse systems are included in this standard. And is associated with occupations such as gardeners and farmers.

Summary of this course:
Aeroponics, or aeration, is like a soilless cultivation system like hydroponics. The cost of building an aeroponic greenhouse is also high at the beginning due to the equipment and systems and the implementation and installation. The difference is that in aeroponic culture, the roots of the plant are not placed in any container. And it is always suspended in the air. The word aeroponics is derived from the words = aero and activity = ponos. Both have Greek roots. The roots of the plant are sprayed with water and nutrients. And is fed this way. No more need for soil or any culture medium

Ventilation is very suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces; Especially for those who want to save space and no longer need to use pots or containers. Also, storage containers do not need to be moved to give the plant more space and better growth, and the plant always grows in place.

Virtual training course topics for aeroponic greenhouse cultivation (aeration):

  • Review of the basics of aeroponics, advantages and disadvantages of its use
  • Choosing the right greenhouse and its equipment and supplies
  • Ventilation system design
  • Selecting suitable plants for cultivation in the aeroponic system and plant cultivation method
  • Plant nutrition and identification of plant pests and diseases in the aeroponic system
  • Maintenance of rotating systems
  • Economic analysis of aeroponic system

Prerequisites for training in the cultivation of aeroponic greenhouses (aeration):
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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