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  • November 13, 2021
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Cultivating And Growing Up Apartment Plants E-Learning

Cultivating and growing up apartment plants: Houseplants do not live in the house of their choice. Ever since Victorian plant collectors brought home exotic tropical specimens, we, the locals with warm climates, are determined to grow plants in our own homes.

The secret of growing houseplants in the natural growth zone with the amount of moisture, light and water that they prefer. Most houseplants are divided into tropical (including ferns, palms, grapes) and succulents (such as aloe vera, aeonium and native).

Apartment plants are plants that can be grown and maintained in greenhouses and indoors. Simply put, floriculture and cultivation of ornamental plants, including houseplants, is the adoption of measures and policies that a producer uses to produce and market the best and most suitable product at the right time and at the lowest possible cost. Slowly

Conditions for keeping houseplants:
the light
wATERING systems
Required air
Watering time of plants:
When the soil of the pot is dry but not completely dry, it is the most suitable time for irrigation and irrigation can be done in the hottest hours of the day. There are two methods for diagnosing complete potting soil dryness. First look at the potting soil, in some pots the soil surface is dry and in some pots the plant-soil is moist. Second, tap the pot with your finger. If you hear a hollow sound, it indicates that the soil in the pot is completely dry, and if you hear a muffled sound, the soil is wet. Eighty-five percent of houseplant soil should always be relevant, that is, it should take shape when you punch the soil and press the hedge.

Benefits of growing houseplants:

Home air purifier
Increase efficiency and reduce stress
Effective in learning
Joyful plants
Reduce fatigue and colds
Reduce extra noises
List of Virtual Training Courses for Cultivation of Houseplants:
Flowers and houseplants
Principles of growing flowers and plants at home
Growing houseplants
Types of flowers and their characteristics
apartment flowers
Weeds in ornamental plants
The houseplant cultivation course is useful for the following disciplines:
Garden affairs
Plant Production Engineering
Prerequisites for the training course on the cultivation of houseplants:
It does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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