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  • November 13, 2021
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Cultivation In Greenhouses With No Soil And Soils E-Learning

Carver Virtual Training Various crops in greenhouses and soilless cultivation is a field of agriculture (agricultural affairs) that is associated with occupations such as sellers of horticultural products, sellers of pesticides and agricultural implements.

Summary of this course:
Vegetable and summer crops should be fertile, loamy, weed-free, with a good slope and good ventilation. After selecting the land, paying attention to the appropriate date of planting and timely plowing, soil testing is necessary to determine the amount of fertilizer required. Since most of the soils of Iran are calcareous, so they are suitable for growing vegetables and summer. Because this type of soil provides the calcium and magnesium needed by the plant.
Landslides are a problem for farmers. And for this reason, they must be destroyed. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove the excess material of streams and ridges. Given the value of crop residues in improving the physical properties of soil, it is now recommended that their disposal be accompanied by the return and burial of crop residues.

In the preparation of vegetable and summer beds, due to the adverse effects of non-crop residues, they should be collected and removed from the field. In the case of crop residues, due to the favorable effects on increasing soil fertility as much as possible, they should be returned to the farm soil. If these residues prevent further cultivation, they should be removed from the field and processed.

Carver Virtual Training Course Topics Types of Cultivation in Soil and Soilless Greenhouses:

  • Analysis of greenhouse planting media
  • Planting all kinds of vegetables and summer in the greenhouse
  • Planting all kinds of ornamental flowers in the greenhouse
  • Doing new greenhouse crops

Prerequisites for Carver training course on all types of crops in greenhouses and soilless cultivation:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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