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  • November 13, 2021
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Cultivation Of Garlic E-Learning

Virtual training of garlic cultivation is a competency of the agriculture group and includes the study of different types of garlic, preparation of planting bed, preparation of suitable onion seeds for planting, planting garlic and its stages, stages and crop care, harvest Garlic and crop collection is the economic justification of the project and is related to jobs such as agricultural engineering, farmers, sellers of seeds and pesticides and fertilizers, sellers of crops and sellers of agricultural machinery and parts.

Summary of this course:
Garlic is a monocotyledonous plant of the Liliaceae family, an onion that consists of several small, broad onions called garlic. Garlic plant has a height of 30-100 cm, broad and elongated leaves with smooth margins and dark green color, the color of white garlic flowers tends to gray. Flowers rarely grow and sit on seeds, especially in cold or temperate northern climates. Garlic does not produce seeds.

As a result, planting garlic through pollination and seed production is not possible and is possible through tubers. Each garlic gland is made up of a number of small glands called cloves. That is, instead of producing large tubers like edible onions, it produces small tubers called separate cloves. These glands are covered by thin skin that is pinkish white or purple. Garlic is arched on the outside and sunken on the inside, pulling up from the base and ending in a narrow end. These gloves are used to increase garlic. Garlic, which are located on the outer surface of the tuber and is usually larger than the inner tubers, is suitable for cultivation and propagation.

Garlic cultivation virtual training course topics:

  • Review of different types of garlic
  • Planting bed preparation
  • Prepare seed onions suitable for planting
  • Garlic planting and its stages
  • Had stages and crop care
  • Harvest garlic and harvest the product
  • Provide economic justification for the plan

Prerequisites for garlic cultivation training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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