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  • November 13, 2021
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cultivator Of solid Greenhouse E-Learning

Virtual greenhouse cultivator training is someone who can identify the greenhouse and its types, building components and how to use greenhouse facilities, using different chassis and seed boxes in greenhouses, irrigation operations in greenhouses, using different types of fertilizers In greenhouses, preparing the land in greenhouses, fighting pests and plant diseases in growing greenhouse crops, growing cucumbers in greenhouses and plastic tunnels, growing tomatoes in greenhouses and plastic tunnels, growing ornamental plants (flowers). .

Cultivation of earthen greenhouses is an occupation of the agricultural group (agricultural-horticultural affairs) which is related to jobs such as sellers of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, farmers, greenhouse owners, builders of greenhouse structures, sellers of agricultural products.

Summary of this course:
The soil culture medium is the best choice as a natural environment for the plant. In fact, the soil, while supporting the plant, provides the plant with the nutrients it needs, such as water and other elements. For the crop to be successful, the soil must be free of pathogens, pests and weeds, and it must be suitable in terms of pH and EC. Otherwise, if the soil is not suitable, the soil must be improved before planting.

Virtual Greenhouse Cultivator Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Economic estimation of greenhouse production plan
  • Location, construction of greenhouses and selection of appropriate structures and equipment
  • Preparation of suitable culture medium
  • Planting bed disinfection
  • Planting various greenhouse crops such as cucumber, tomato, pepper, strawberry
  • Performing operations on a variety of greenhouse products
  • Control and fight against various pests and diseases
  • Carrying out harvesting and post-harvest operations of various greenhouse products
  • Perform marketing and product marketing operations

Prerequisites for the training course of soil greenhouse cultivator:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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