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  • November 13, 2021
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Design And Manufacture Of Home Hydroponic Cultivation Systems E-Learning

Virtual training in the design and construction of home hydroponic cultivation systems is one of the competencies of the Department of Agriculture, which is associated with jobs such as designers, builders and sellers of greenhouse equipment.

Summary of this course:
The technology of planting plants in a soilless environment using nutrient solutions is called hydroponics. In the hydroponic system, all the needs and nutrients needed by the plant are provided through the solution.
The word hydroponic in Persian: means cultivated water
The word hydroponics in Greek: Hydrous means water + Ponos means cultivation
In some hydroponic systems, the plant root is completely in the aquatic environment and there is no bed. But to support the plant, its roots can be placed in a solid bed such as: sand, pebbles, coco peat, perlite and… that have the least negative effect on the nutrient solution. Thus, hydroponics or soilless cultivation is a method in which plants are grown without the use of soil as a culture medium, or in other words, the cultivation of plants in nutrient solution with or without the use of the solid medium is called hydroponics.

Advantages of hydroponic cultivation:

  • Do not deal with the appearance and chemical problems of the soil
    Absence of weeds in hydroponic cultivation
  • Eliminate many soil pests and diseases
  • No need for organic fertilizers
  • No need for pre-planting processes
  • No need for crop rotation
  • Significant increase in space usage
  • Save water and fertilizer
  • Profit from product pre-production

Virtual training course titles for designing and manufacturing home hydroponic cultivation systems:

  • Investigation of home hydroponic cultivation systems
  • Preparation and preparation of equipment for home hydroponic cultivation systems
  • Calculation of home hydroponic cultivation systems
  • Design of home hydroponic cultivation systems
  • Construction of home hydroponic cultivation systems

Prerequisites for the training course on designing and manufacturing home hydroponic cultivation systems:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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