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  • November 13, 2021
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Designer And Builder Of Hydroponics Greenhouses E-Learning

Virtual greenhouse design training is a job in the agricultural group that is associated with jobs such as product manufacturers, hydroponic methods and greenhouse builders.

Summary of this course:

Types of hydroponic systems:
Hydroponic systems can be divided into “nutrient solution distribution” and “culture medium”:

Division of hydroponic systems in terms of how nutrient solution is distributed:

  • Open Hydroponic System (System Hydroponic Open): In this method, the nutrient solution required by the plant is transferred to the culture container, and the plant uses it in the amount it needs. The rest is discharged through drains and transferred to sewage.
  • Closed or rotating hydroponic system (System Hydroponic Closed): In this system, the nutrient solution is collected in complete isolation from the surrounding environment after being placed next to the roots. And transferred to special tanks and after disinfection, returns to the production cycle.

Classification of hydroponic systems in terms of culture medium:

  • System Hydroponic Liquid: In this system, the roots are only in contact with the nutrient solution and air. And no special substrate is used to maintain the plant.
  • Porous hydroponic system (System Hydroponic Aggregate): In this system, a solid bed is used to support and preserve the plant roots. The substrate should be neutral and have no effect on nutrient uptake. This substrate can be made of minerals such as gravel, sand, rock wool, perlite or organic materials such as wood chips, sawdust and coco peat or synthetic materials such as sponges.

Virtual Greenhouse Design Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Select the location of the greenhouse
  • Designing the type of hydroponic greenhouse structure and its construction
  • Select the appropriate culture medium
  • Installation of hydroponic greenhouse equipment

Prerequisites for hydroponic greenhouse design training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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