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  • November 13, 2021
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Designing Helicopter E-Learning

Helicopter Virtual Tutorial examines helicopters (flight vertical, helicopter, helicopter). A helicopter is an aircraft that takes off and is propelled by one or two large horizontal rotors. The turbulence of a helicopter is called a propeller. In today’s world, helicopters are one of the most important and widely used means of transportation. The helicopter can move on three axes. A helicopter pilot must use both hands and two feet to fly, which requires great skill and thinking power.

What you will learn in the helicopter design course:

How do helicopters work?
Different types of rotorcraft and their applications.
Operation of engines and transmission systems of a helicopter
The various forces and torques they work on, their physical and fundamental laws.
Different types of rotor blade systems, their functions and applications.
Different levels of engineering behind the helicopter
How does a pilot control a helicopter? What inputs it gives and how the various mechanisms help it control the Chopper.
Theory of basic motion of a suspended helicopter, vertical and forward flight.
Booth Retreat, Gyroscopic Score, Autorotation and Helicopter Speed.

Who benefits from a Helicopter Design Virtual Training course?

People who want to know about helicopters.

Prerequisites for this course:

The helicopter design course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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