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  • November 13, 2021
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Designing The Building With SketchUp E-Learning

Virtual building design training with SketchUp is one of the most practical courses to get acquainted with SketchUp. This SketchUp course teaches you how to use this 3D modeling program designed for architects, engineers, designers. SketchUp is available in two versions, one free and one paid. This tutorial can be used with both versions and is designed for the absolute beginner. No previous experience with 3D modeling programs or SketchUp is specifically required.

You’ll start by exploring the SketchUp interface, familiarity and ease of navigation and location of the tool. This course uses many Ruby scripts that are provided in the files provided and he will show you how to install and use the scripts during the course. Some of the functions that you will be taught during this tutorial are: working with lines and shapes, how to build faces and surfaces, drawing edges, scaling models, working with layers, and using architectural tools. You will also learn how to style your work, use color and texture in your models, create great animations, and finally export how to export your work to share and present.

At the end of this computer-based video course for SketchUp, you will be comfortable using the tools in the software to create and share 3D models. This video tutorial includes work files that allow you to accompany the author throughout the lesson.

requirements :
Who is this course for:
Designers, model makers, CAD designers, animators.
The chapters of the virtual building design training course with SketchUp are:
Learn the skills needed to build models using SketchUp.
Prerequisites for building design training course with Sketchup:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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