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  • November 13, 2021
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PBA Professional management of staff performance E-Learning

PBA Virtual Training Professional management of staff performance, performance appraisal of staff and managers of any large institution or total staff of government agencies under the headings of competency determination, performance appraisal and the like in theory and practice are among the effective tools and tools in human resource management With the correct application of this tool, not only the goals and missions of the organization are achieved with the desired efficiency, but also the real interests of employees and society are provided. Despite the importance that can be attached to employee evaluation scientifically and intellectually, due to the indifferent approach to this managerial action, in most organizations, especially in government institutions, not only have evaluations failed but also for various reasons criticized by employees and Even managers are located. Here are some key pointers in moving your employees forward:

1) Be specific and specific.

2) Set a deadline for doing the work.

3) Be realistic.

4) Be honest.

5) Be complete in the performance appraisal report.

What you will learn in the PBA virtual course of professional performance management of employees:
Get better performance from your employees
Creating better coordination in employees’ personal and organizational goals.
Manage your team successfully and meet your goals.
Improve your managerial and leadership skills and facilitate change.
Close the gap between performance and current and desired results.
Encourage employee independence and initiative.
Higher level of engagement and motivation in your team.
Improve your management and communication skills.
Accelerate daily progress and remove obstacles.
Set specific expectations.
Connect the dots to the big picture.
Be a coach and help improve the skills of your employees.
Give feedback, and reward and recognize good performance.
Provide job opportunities for your employees so that they can develop themselves.
Be open to innovative ideas.
Prerequisites for PBA course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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