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  • November 13, 2021
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Expert In Automotive Electrical And Electronics E_learning

Virtual Training in Automotive Electrical and Electronics (Expert in Automotive Electrical and Electronics): In the course of Automotive Electronics and Electronics, we learn that the automotive electrical system consists of a storage battery, a starter motor, a lighting system, ignition system and accessories and control. Different suppliers. Initially, the vehicle’s electrical system was limited to spark equipment. With the advent of the electric starter in 1912 on a Cadillac model, electric headlights and horns began to replace oil and acetylene headlights and bubble horns. Electrification was fast and complete, and by 1930, 6-volt systems were ubiquitous.

The increased speed of the engines and the higher pressure of their cylinders made it increasingly difficult to generate the car’s starting voltage. Larger engines needed higher torque to turn on. Additional new electrical phenomena, such as radios, windshields, and multi-speed wipers, were added to the system. To meet these needs, 12-volt systems replaced 6-volt systems around the world in 1950.

One of the major advances in automotive today is the automotive electronics sector. On average, the value of the car’s electrical and electronics sector in 2010 is about 35% of the total value of a car, and this number is projected to be around 50% for 2030.

Benefits of car electrical and electronics:

  • Avoid wasting time on multiple courses.

List of vehicle electrical and electronics virtual training topics:
Electronics and electricity

_ Electronic circuits

Sensors and actuators

  • Location of sensors

Injector system relays

_ Candle wire test

_ Principles of using a multimeter

The course of car electrical and electronics is useful for the following fields:
the mechanic

Prerequisites for the virtual training course of car electrical and electronics expert:
It does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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