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  • November 13, 2021
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Expert Of Watering And Drainage E-Learning

Virtual training of irrigation and drainage expert: is one of the disciplines that has been launched in order to maintain and optimally exploit the limited water resources of the country. Irrigation, as its name implies, is the watering of crops and ornamental plants. Irrigation in today’s world is scientifically advanced, which due to limited resources, irrigation must be engineered and accurate. Irrigation has been done for a long time and in ancient times according to the calculated methods and has been of great importance. Human civilizations have always been formed along with water resources, which have made it possible to irrigate plants. Irrigation is literally the distribution of water on the ground to penetrate the soil for plant use and crop production. Half of the world’s agricultural and food production comes from these irrigated lands, and this shows the importance of irrigation.

Drainage literally means removing excess water from the land, and drainage is usually done on agricultural land. Drainage operations are one of the things that people have been doing for two hundred years. Of course, water comes out of the ground naturally, but drainage accelerates this natural process and speeds up operations.

Reasons for using underground drainage
Drainage is important in soil and water operations and should be considered. Water as a life-giving substance is essential wherever human beings live. However, the abundance of this water or the excess of water in the soil causes the water retention phenomenon. To prevent this phenomenon, drainage operations must be performed.

The purpose of providing the training course for irrigation and drainage experts is to train efficient experts and engineers. In addition to accepting their responsibilities in the field of irrigation, they can act properly in planning, research, design and teaching irrigation and drainage sciences.

Virtual training course topics for irrigation and drainage expert:

  • Pressure irrigation system
  • Types of irrigation
  • Bachelor of Irrigation
  • Irrigation and energy
  • Bachelor of Irrigation 1
  • Bachelor of Irrigation 2
  • Bachelor of Irrigation 3
  • Bachelor of Irrigation 4
  • Familiarity with drip design system

Prerequisites for the training course for irrigation and drainage experts:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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