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  • November 13, 2021
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Fighting Button Mushroom Diseases E-Learning

Virtual training to fight edible fungal diseases, edible fungal diseases includes analysis of various types of button fungal diseases, proper use of pesticides, methods of prevention and control of button fungal diseases.

Summary of this course:

Important fungal diseases:

  • Diseases caused by living agents such as fungal, bacterial and viral diseases.
  • Diseases that occur due to genetic factors or disorders in the environmental conditions of breeding halls such as lack of food, high carbon dioxide, high temperature and poor ventilation and are known as physiological abnormalities.

Green mold:
The common name of this fungus is forest green mold, green mold or Trichoderma spot. The causative agent is mostly found on compost and cover the soil and sometimes on seeds. Most parasites are edible fungi and can reduce or eliminate the yield of the fungus. It is usually spread through the air and contaminated cover soils by dust. Contaminated clothing of workers, insects, contaminated spar, contaminated equipment and tools may also transmit the disease.

Control methods: Careful harvesting, removal of diseased fungi, dead and reducing moisture and carbon dioxide in the air of the culture medium, increasing airflow to eliminate stagnant air, use of clean and wood-free coating materials Uncomposted can reduce Trichoderma contamination.

Virtual training courses on the fight against edible fungal diseases:

  • Analysis of various diseases of edible fungi
  • The use of toxins in the treatment of fungal diseases
  • Prevention and control of edible fungal diseases

Prerequisites for the training course on control of edible fungal diseases:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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