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  • November 13, 2021
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Foreign Orders And Buy Management E-Learning

Virtual training in foreign purchasing and order management It is no secret today that international trade issues are complex and completely interdependent. So that all countries have to be constantly exchanging with each other. And use goods made in other countries or raw materials of each other. Because the vastness of the distribution of underground resources has caused all the people of the world to have to meet their consumer and social needs by exchanging them with each other.

Therefore, such exchanges are meaningless without awareness of matters related to international trade. Because one of the prerequisites for foreign economic and trade activity is familiarity with the laws and regulations governing that activity and knowledge of the stages and methods of work of organizations, systems and special procedures. And because foreign trade, especially the export and import process in today’s world has diverse, complex and competitive dimensions. Lack of necessary information at different stages will incur significant costs.

The training course on purchasing management and foreign orders is held by Ibama – Virtual and Electronic Education Foundation. This training course will be effective to improve the level of foreign purchasing skills, trade, purchasing, logistics. This course is also recommended for the jobs of purchasing expert, business expert, business manager. Students in the fields of business administration and accounting can also participate in this virtual course.

Topics of the virtual training course for purchasing management and foreign orders:

  • Customs executive regulations
  • Shipping insurance
  • Information
  • Forms and clearance process
  • Buy and sell foreign orders and do customs affairs
  • International Trade Law
  • Import and export regulations
  • International Monetary and Financial Organization
  • Purchase application systems
  • Customs affairs Quran

Prerequisites for the course of purchasing management and foreign orders:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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