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  • November 13, 2021
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Goals & Action Planning For Hydroponic Farm E_learning

Virtual training Goals & action planning for the hydroponic farm: Hydroponics is one of the most creative ways to produce crops without soil and toxins and with the least use of water (using the nutrient solution). Be. In fact, this technology has created a huge and extensive change in the field of agriculture and healthy and organic plant products. Many traditional greenhouses have turned to this direction due to the advantages and features of this method and continue their activities in this field by using new solutions.

In underdeveloped countries, hydroponics may be used to produce food in limited locations. In areas with poor soil, such as the desert, hydroponic cultivation is possible. Sand in the desert acts as a good culture medium, and when salt (salts) are removed, seawater can be used to mix nutrient solutions. Benefited.

Advantages of hydroponic cultivation

  • Production of fresh fruits and vegetables in dry, rocky, swampy lands or lands with low nutrients is not possible and reduces the possibility of planting and exploitation for a suitable crop.
  • Ability to use places such as warehouses, garages and… to grow crops with this method
  • Cultivation of forage plants consecutively for small livestock units
  • Significant savings in water consumption so that this method can be used to grow crops in low water areas
  • Very high yields and more for off-season vegetables and flowers
  • Ease of predicting performance
  • Better and higher quality products
  • Reduction and elimination of any parasitic diseases
  • Very significant reduction in manpower due to the elimination of many stages in this type of cultivation and also the automatic performance of many activities related to crop cultivation
  • Many side costs or damages that are reduced or eliminated in this way due to some accidents and natural disasters that occurred during the cultivation of plants

List of Virtual Training Course Objectives and Hydroponic Farm Planning:

  • Desires and goal planning
  • Market techniques, crops
  • Personal restrictions
  • Write and prioritize goal lists
  • Charter of work
  • Pre-assessment
  • Ideal timeline
  • Action steps

Prerequisites for this course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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