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  • November 13, 2021
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Greenhouse Cultivator Of Tomatoes And Bell Peppers E-Learning

Virtual training of greenhouse cultivator of tomatoes and bell peppers is a qualification of the agricultural group (agricultural affairs) which is related to jobs such as seed sellers, pesticides, fertilizers, farmers, greenhouse owners, greenhouse structure builders, sellers of agricultural products.

Summary of this course:

Sweet pepper:
Greenhouse bell pepper (Capsicum annum L) belongs to the genus Solanaceae. It has at least 30 species and its germination is extraterrestrial and epiglottis. It has deep main roots and weak sub-roots. Vegetable peppers are fertile and bees can play a role in increasing fruit formation. The height of the pepper plant is short and its fruit grows in three colors: red, yellow and orange. The red color of pepper is related to the alkaloid capsaicin.

In greenhouse tomato planting, like the production of other agricultural products, there are three operations: planting, holding and harvesting.

Planting operation:
Preparing the planting bed (disinfection and fertilizing the soil before planting), determining the time and date of planting, sowing seeds directly or indirectly (transplanting), observing the density and planting seasons.

Control of environmental factors (light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide), regular watering, pruning and training of plants, detection of deficiency and excess of elements and action to eliminate it, fertilizing and feeding tomato plants, observing greenhouse hygiene, Control of pests and diseases, weed control.

Harvest operation:
Harvesting, grading and packaging of fruit, marketing and transfer, and distribution of the product

Virtual training course topics for greenhouse cultivators of tomatoes and bell peppers:

  • Economic estimation of greenhouse production plan
  • Location, construction of greenhouses and selection of appropriate structures and equipment
  • Preparing a suitable substrate for growing tomatoes and bell peppers
  • Disinfection of culture medium
  • Greenhouse tomato and bell pepper planting operations
  • Operated greenhouse tomatoes and bell peppers
  • Control and fight against all kinds of pests, diseases and weeds
  • Perform harvesting and post-harvest operations
  • Packaging and marketing

Prerequisites for greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes and bell peppers:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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