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  • November 13, 2021
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Grower Of Mushrooms E-Learning

Edible Mushroom Grower Virtual Training A grower is basically a job that performs the operations and operations of planting, holding and harvesting a living organism or a product in a continuous and continuous manner. Button and oyster mushrooms are a group of edible mushrooms that like temperate and related climates.

Summary of this course:
Fungi form a large group among plants. To the extent that they can be classified separately as a plant territory. Fungi are found everywhere. Therefore, these plants do not belong to a specific environment. And they can put any kind of organic matter in their planting bed.

One of the most important goals of edible mushroom production has been the optimal use of agricultural waste. Preparation of compost; Although today it has become an industrial process. But whether in its traditional or industrial way, it is an important factor in the optimal use of available facilities and resources. In fact, it can be said that agricultural waste, which is apparently a threat to this sector, itself as an opportunity in the production and cultivation of mushrooms.
It has become edible.

Mushroom production is an economic movement that helps to change and improve the nutrition pattern in the community by being in the household basket.

Virtual training courses for growing edible mushrooms:

  • Preparation of breeding hall and different sections in the breeding unit
  • Supply of required tools and equipment
  • Seed preparation
  • Supply of compost and seeding (add seeds to compost)
  • Prepare cover soil and add it
  • Maintenance of fungal substrates
  • Maintenance of fungal substrates when forming knots or pins
  • Mushroom harvest
  • Maintenance, processing, marketing and product marketing

Prerequisites for the edible mushroom grower training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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