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  • November 13, 2021
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Internal Audit Manager E-Learning

Internal Audit Manager Virtual Training: This course is designed for professionals in various real-life situations. Individuals who are not necessarily internal audit professionals, but who need and want an intensive and structured understanding of internal auditing. First created for board members and management organizations at various levels. For example, you are a member of the board or audit committee of an organization and are responsible for overseeing the performance of internal auditing. Or your company wants to outsource internal auditing and you need to understand the criteria for providing the right services. Either you are preparing for an upgrade or a temporary assignment with an internal audit function.

The second audience is professionals who change jobs and intend to do their job in internal auditing. It is also in the interest of people who are preparing for a valid internal auditor exam.

An audit is another form of inspection. The difference is that the product being inspected is similar to the product inspection system itself. An audit also examines the management system to determine what the current state of the system is and should be. An audit helps to identify areas of the management system that need more attention and provides an opportunity to improve their processes. Internal audit also helps to identify inconsistencies and weaknesses in the existing management system.

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Internal auditing requires scheduled scheduling to verify compliance of the existing management system with the requirements explained by the standard. For example, the intervals between each internal audit must be clear. Not all work processes need to be audited at the same time. The same is true for external audits, but internal audits can distribute the audit process over time to evaluate the effectiveness of the management system and audit the processes.

Internal audit manager is a job in the management and industry group. Responsible for managing internal and external audit programs and self-assessment. It has competencies such as formulating objectives and methods and indicators of audit effectiveness and planning and providing the required audit resources. Related to jobs such as internal auditor, internal auditor, process monitoring and measurement manager, and senior management.

What you will learn in the internal audit manager’s virtual training course:

  • What is internal auditing: understanding the principles and vocabulary
  • Objectives and scope of internal audit
  • The role and position of internal audit in the structure of governance, risk management and control
  • Fundamental differences between external and internal auditing
  • What are the professional standards governing internal auditing?
  • How to ensure the independence and objectivity of internal audit performance
  • Crediting models and budgeting of internal audit performance
  • How to set an effective internal audit function
    What is an internal audit charter?
  • Internal audit processes and methods
  • Hot for interpreting internal audit reports
  • What are the benefits and added value of internal auditing?
  • Prospects and future developments of internal audit

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Management of organizations at different levels that need to ensure compliance with internal auditing requirements
  • Professionals who change jobs and are considering an internal audit job
  • Those who are introductory

Prerequisites for this course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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