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  • November 13, 2021
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Interpretation Of Satellite And Aerial Photos E-Learning

Virtual training for the interpretation of aerial and satellite photographs means the interpretation of aerial photographs using the methods by which various natural phenomena are determined on the photograph and their relationship with the environment is examined.

The purpose of interpreting aerial photographs is to identify the features and determine the boundaries and extract their features on the aerial photographs. Aerial photographs contain the details of the features on the ground during the shooting. Uses other aids such as maps and field observation reports. According to this study, the interpretation of aerial photographs is done according to the physical nature of the effects and phenomena on the photographs. The interpretation of aerial photographs may be done at different levels in terms of complexity, (this complexity) can be a simple diagnosis Phenomenon on the ground to extract detailed information due to the complexity of interactions between surface and subsurface features. Success in interpreting aerial photographs changes with the training and experience of the commentator, the nature of the effects or phenomena being interpreted, and the quality of the photographs being exploited. Aerial photography specialists should get enough information about measuring dimensions, recognizing the name and identifying the features of features on aerial photographs, which you can get by participating in the aerial and satellite photo interpretation training course.

List of aerial training courses for the interpretation of aerial and satellite photos:
Fundamentals and concept of GIS
Interpretation of aerial photographs
Principles and basics of cartography
natural geography
Remote Sensing
Classification in remote sensing
Radar imaging
Aerial and satellite photo interpretation training course are useful for the following disciplines:
Prerequisites for aerial and satellite photo interpretation training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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