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  • November 13, 2021
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Jute Manufacturer E-Learning

Jute producer virtual training has been created for people to get fully acquainted with jute producers. Jute is one of the fiber plants whose main cultivation centers are Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. But the origins of jute in China and Africa are mentioned. The most important jute producing countries are primarily Pakistan with 42% of world production and secondly India with 29% of world production, followed by Bangladesh, Brazil and Malaysia. Jute fibers are obtained from wood vessels and stem phloem, the length of which reaches 1 to 4 meters (12 to 3 notes).

Jute fibers are one of the cheapest natural fibers. Which is called Hessian. The fibers obtained from jute are second in terms of variety in use after flax. Jute fibers are used to make sacks, carpets, ropes, bags, shoes and clothes.

Jute is a plant with a high water requirement, but its fertilizer requirement is not very high and it can be grown in relatively poor fields for plant and side crops. An adequate amounts of nitrogen, potash and phosphorus can be useful in increasing the yield and quality of the product. For example, the presence of nitrogen increases stem height and can increase yield as well as product quality. Potash has a direct effect on disease control and is useful in maintaining quality and not reducing yield. Phosphorus makes the plant resistant to adverse factors and protects the plant against the risk of varicose veins by increasing the quality of the fibers.

Jute Manufacturer Virtual Training Course Topics:
Choose the right seed
Determining the cultivation method and performing jute cultivation
Working with a variety of irrigation systems (traditional and pressurized)
Performing integrated management of pests and plant diseases of jute cultivation
Jute Farm Weed Control
Determining the nutritional needs of jute plants and fertilizing
Fiber harvesting and marketing for jute plant
Prerequisites for the Jute Production Period:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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