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  • November 13, 2021
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Maintenance And Repair E-Learning

Virtual maintenance training includes troubleshooting any defects in any mechanical or electrical equipment. Maintenance and repair operations also include scheduled actions to keep the device in good working order or preventive maintenance to prevent problems. Maintenance and repair as one of the most important processes of an enterprise is closely related to many fields of industrial engineering such as strategic management and planning, inventory planning and control, production planning and quality control. In the maintenance training course, the concepts and topics raised are in line with the problems of our country’s industry.

Types of maintenance policies and procedures:

  • Emergency Maintenance or EM for short: In this method, the equipment is repaired after the first failure in the equipment.
  • Corrective Maintenance or Corrective Maintenance CM for short: In this method, after the occurrence of signs of defect that lead to unopened equipment, special planning is done to fix the equipment at the appropriate time and return to its original state.
  • Preventive Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance in short PM: In this method, the maintenance of equipment is done in specific time periods and according to a specific schedule.
  • Predictive maintenance or predictive maintenance PDM for short: In this method, a number of equipment parameters are measured at regular intervals and based on this data, decisions are made to repair or replace parts and equipment.

List of virtual maintenance courses for maintenance and repair:

  • Hydraulic repairs
  • PM form
  • Parameters
  • Basics of maintenance and repairs
  • Net cost engineering
  • Introduction to maintenance and repairs
  • Maintenance works
  • Management and planning

A maintenance training course is useful for the following disciplines:
the mechanic
Prerequisites for maintenance training:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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