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  • November 13, 2021
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Mapping E-Learning

Surveying Virtual Training: Surveying refers to the science of accurately measuring and determining the relative or absolute position of features on the earth’s surface. From this simple definition, it is understood that the goal is to determine the coordinates of points in three dimensions. In some cases, the time dimension is also considered to determine position (astronomical measurements and satellite mapping). Optimal coordinates can be Cartesian XYZ coordinates or latitude and longitude coordinates.

Mapping operations usually involve two stages of harvesting (or measuring) and calculating and presenting the results. In the measurement stage, devices and devices (such as total stations, theodolites, GPS), as well as various methods, are used to obtain the necessary data for the second stage. The results of the work are presented in analog (map, longitudinal and transverse sections) or digital (such as tables, digital models of the earth).

Topics of Virtual Surveying Training Course:

  • Familiarity with the science of mapping
  • Building mapping
  • Geometry of mapping
  • Basics of mapping
  • Control and adjustment of mapping devices
  • TDG camera training
  • Total Elta camera training
  • DJ camera training
  • Total Sanding Camera Tutorial
  • Total Topken camera training

Mapping is divided into several branches:
1- Geodesy: It is a science that aims to determine the shape and size of the earth and the coordinates of points on the earth’s surface or above it, as well as to study temporal changes in the shape and field of gravity of the earth.

2- Photogrammetry: It is a science that aims to determine the coordinates of points using the information obtained from the photo, which is also divided into different trends.

3- Remote sensing: In this field, the information obtained from satellite images is used to prepare a map.

4- GIS: Geographic information system in order to classify information in different layers and provide it to the user.

5- Hydrography: Preparing sea maps for navigation is one of the tasks of this field.

Prerequisites for the mapping training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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