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  • November 13, 2021
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MBA Level 2 -E-Learning

Level two virtual business management training is the basic role of management at all levels of organizations, the optimal use of resources (human and material) and the management and control of organizational resources in order to achieve certain goals. It is possible to benefit from material resources by using technical methods and technology. Achieving optimal use of human resources and creating a spirit of cooperation and joint effort in the organization is not easily possible. For this purpose, managers should be familiar with the philosophy and new methods of human resource management. Therefore, the objectives of training in this course are:

1- Familiarizing students with the techniques and methods of human resource management principles.

2- Examining the issues and problems of the current human resources management of the country and how to use the principles and methods of human resource management in solving these problems.

3- Familiarity with the rules and employment laws of the country.

Business management features include:
1- Selling or transferring goods and services in order to gain value.
2- Trading in goods and services
3- Repetition of transactions
4 – The most important and most powerful motivator of business management is profit motive.

  1. Business is always risky.

Business goals:
Contrary to popular belief that these are the goal of business for economic gain, Uric believes that business has economic and social goals, and these goals are equal and can be said to be level.

This course covers a variety of occupations, management and leadership, motivation, human resource management, marketing, operations management, accounting and finance. It is very suitable for students who are preparing for O or AS level jobs. This course is also useful for all students who are preparing for topics such as an introduction to business, business basics, business studies, etc.

The second level business management virtual training course is useful for the following disciplines:
This course is useful for all disciplines of management.

Prerequisites for the second level business management training course:
Business Management Training Course – Level 1

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