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  • November 13, 2021
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Modeling And Structural Dimensions E-Learning

Virtual training in modeling and structural dimensions is used to establish a connection between traditional methods used in the strength of materials and modern methods, also known as the finite element method, and accurately and with a focus on details related to the main aspects. Practical modeling, as well as reviewing numerous case studies, has taught the subject.

What is building modeling?
Building modeling is not a tool, it is a method. In this method, all architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical components from the foundation to the roof are made virtually. The building design is no longer a collection of lines and shapes. Building components really exist and have their own specific information such as volume, weight and heat transfer. This different information is gathered together and all people who are somehow related to the building can use this information to better design, analyze and manage your project.

What is the difference between building modeling and 3D design?
3D design is just one of the obvious aspects of modeling. Even if a building is designed in 3D with AutoCAD software, it does not have data on building components like the information model. It is interesting to know that building modeling is multidimensional.

Types of modeling:
Two-dimensional building modeling
3D modeling of buildings
Four-dimensional modeling of buildings
Five-dimensional modeling of buildings
Building modeling can be used in which buildings?
All buildings can benefit from building modeling. From a villa to a settlement project, from a brigade project to the most complex buildings; They will all be made better, more accurate, and faster. Of course, we must realize that the larger and more complex the project, the more obvious and tangible the main advantages of building modeling will be. Of course, a multi-purpose leisure business project requires more modeling than a four-story type. But both projects will benefit as much. As long as the cost of designing the building by modeling is equal to or less than the cost of two-dimensional drawing; The use of building modeling is justified for any project.

List of topics of the virtual modeling training course and structural dimensions:

  • Finite element methods
  • Basic concepts of limited implementation method
  • Finite element method
  • AutoCad Civil 3D

Modeling course and structural dimensions are useful for the following disciplines:
Prerequisites for the training course on modeling and structural dimensions:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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