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  • November 13, 2021
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Non-Destructive Testing E-Learning

Virtual training of non-destructive testing, development and upgrading of various industries requires the production of appropriate parts, machines and equipment, and one of the goals that industries related to manufacturing and production have always pursued is to ensure the health and quality of products produced. The performance of each component can be affected by various defects. And these defects may occur at any time during the manufacturing process or during the working life of the part.

Non-destructive testing is a set of methods for evaluating and determining the properties of devices and components. That does not cause any damage or change in the system.

Features and benefits of non-destructive testing:

  • Ability to perform non-destructive tests on all manufactured parts.
  • Ability to perform various non-destructive tests simultaneously or sequentially on one piece.
  • Ability to repeat experiments on one piece.
  • Reduce production costs by performing these tests during the production process and timely identification of defects and prevent further waste of materials and manpower.
  • Increase safety by timely detection of defects in sensitive parts and prevent their premature failure, which can lead to the loss of equipment and financial losses and in some cases even loss of life.
  • Increase the quality of production and increase the percentage of confidence in the production of healthy parts.
  • Ability to transport equipment related to such tests and use them at work.

Application of non-destructive tests:

automobile manufacturing
Engine parts
Civil Engineering
Water transmission networks
Roads and road construction
Oil and gas industry
Oil and gas pipes
Those interested in the field of non-destructive testing inspection are all experts, inspectors and supervisors of companies and organizations and managers working in technical units – engineering, production, quality control, technical inspection and construction and civil engineering.

List of non-destructive testing virtual training course topics:
Non-Destructive Testing
visual inspection
Non-destructive testing
The non-destructive testing course is useful for the following disciplines:
mechanical engineering
Civil Engineering
Materials Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Petrochemical Engineering
chemical engineering
Prerequisites for non-destructive testing course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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