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  • November 13, 2021
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Organizational Behavior Management In Sport E-Learning

Virtual training in managing sports organizational behavior is the organization of a process in which the division of labor between individuals and working groups and coordination between them in order to achieve common goals. In other words, in organizing work and activities, it is designed, activities and organizational positions are categorized. Finally, the relationship between the posts is created in order to achieve a common goal. In addition, by organizing sports, policies and procedures, organizational charts, job descriptions of managers and employees, and guidelines for titles are listed in the organizational guides. Many factors play a role in organizing sports. But the three factors of complexity, formality and focus are more influential than other factors.

Organizational behavior management training course in sports with the aim of getting to know and understand more organizations and behavior within them and paying close attention to the culture of organizations or values, attitudes, perceptions and motivations of people in the organization is provided to you according to these matters Be able to improve the quality of personal and organizational life.

What you will learn in the virtual training course for managing sports organizational behavior:
What does sporting event management involve and the key skills that an event manager or center should have
Why event managers and sports facilities are so important to the sports industry
The difference between closed and open sports
How to hold the Olympic Games
What are the differences in planning between one-time events and regular events?
Requirements for a sporting event that must be held successfully
Steps to planning an event
How facilities such as stadiums, training grounds and stadiums are built
The importance of human resources in planning and holding sporting events
Why the use of volunteers in the sporting events industry is so common
How to hire and manage staff to ensure success at the event
The process of bringing officials and athletes to play in the event
The importance of risk assessment and management for economic, legal and security risks
How risk assessment is created and how risks can be minimized
The importance of the main and possible programs
What companies sponsor sports programs?
How to find the right sponsor for a sporting event
What is social responsibility and its role in the sports industry?
Do sporting events work hard enough for sustainability?
Ways that sporting events try to be more sustainable
How technology can change the way sports events and their impact on fans
Prerequisites for organizational behavior management training in sports:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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