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  • November 13, 2021
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Primary Concrete Technology E-Learning

Virtual training in basic concrete technology examines different types of concrete and their properties and applications. Concrete from Latin roots in a broad sense refers to any material or compound that is composed of a cementitious adhesive. This adhesive is generally the result of the interaction of hydraulic cement and water. Even today, such a definition of concrete encompasses a wide range of products. Concrete can be made from different types of cement as well as pozzolans, kiln slag, additives, sulfur, concrete additives, concrete polymers, concrete fibers, etc. Also in its construction may be used heat, water vapor, autoclave, vacuum, hydraulic presses and various compactors. In a way that today we see the use of different types of concrete with different materials, each of which has its own properties and uses.

List of virtual concrete technology virtual education topics:

  • Reinforced concrete buildings
  • Rebar and its types
  • Special concretes and special concreting methods
  • Cement
  • Concrete design and execution guide
  • Design of concrete structures
  • Familiarity with different types of concrete
  • Design and implementation of reinforced concrete buildings
  • Knowledge of building materials
  • New and mixed cements
  • Concrete technology
  • Recognition of building materials
  • Advanced additive concrete technology
  • Concrete evaluation and acceptance
  • Fiber concrete
  • Roller concrete
  • Bulk concrete
  • Strong concrete
  • Fresh concrete
  • Introduction to concrete
  • Durability of concrete
  • Concrete strength
  • Dimensional stability of concrete
  • Concrete microstructure
  • Restoration of concrete structures

An introductory concrete technology virtual training course is useful for the following disciplines:

  • Structural engineering
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Marine structures
  • Concrete buildings
  • Earthquake Engineering

Prerequisites for Basic Concrete Technology Course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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