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  • November 13, 2021
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Producer Brown Rice E-Learning

Virtual training in brown rice cultivation has been created for people to become fully acquainted with brown rice. Contrary to popular belief, brown rice is no different from white rice. Rice grains, when separated from paddy fields, are called paddy husks. The difference between brown and white rice is in the way this top shell is separated. White rice is taken to paddy mills to peel the skin, but brown rice is heated before the skin is peeled so that the minerals and vitamins in the shell can penetrate the kernel. The penetration of these substances into rice grains causes their color to turn brown, which is why it is called brown rice.

So brown rice is nothing different from white rice and the difference is in the way it is prepared. Brown rice is considered a grain because of its bran content and its carbohydrate content is higher than other types. That is why it is the most important thing in the world today, especially for people who care about their health.

How to prepare brown rice?
The method of preparing brown rice is similar to white rice. When the rice grains are still in the form of paddy, instead of transporting them to the paddy mills, they are heated with hot water so that the minerals and vitamins present in the husk penetrate into the rice grains. This process, that is, heating and the penetration of minerals into the rice grains, changes the color of the grains to brown. The difference with white rice is that the rice husks do not separate in the first place; Rather, they are separated after the materials have been heated and penetrated. That is why the properties of this type of rice are more than others and its consumption is expanding.

Brown rice farming virtual training course topics:
Choosing the right place and varieties of brown rice seeds
Establishing fur and planting rice seeds in it
Preparing the planting bed in the mainland
Planting brown rice
It had brown rice
Harvesting brown rice and preparing for sale
Prerequisites for brown rice cultivation:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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