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  • November 13, 2021
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Producer Compost Production Phase I & II E-Learning

Carver Virtual Compost Production Virtual Training Phase I and II is basically a job that performs compost production operations in both short and long-term methods.

Summary of this course:

Methods of preparing button mushroom compost: There are two main methods for producing compost: short-term method and long-term method.

  • Long-term method: It is an old and basic method and is not suitable for commercial production of compost for mushroom cultivation.
  • Short-term method of composting: It is much faster and more advanced than previous methods. Due to the high technology of this method, in most Asian countries, long methods are still used to prepare compost.

Applying compost involves several steps:
Day 1: Wet, mix and compost
Day 4: The first turning or turning of the compost
Day 8: The second molding
Day 12: Third molding and return of compost mass
Day 16: The fourth compost molding
Day 20: The last step is to turn the compost upside down and fill the shelves of the breeding halls.

Composting is done in two phases:
Phase i: known as the fermentation phase and phase ii is known as the pasteurization phase.

  • Phase i:
    There are different formulas for preparing compost, which are determined according to the materials in each environment.
  • Phase ii:
    At this stage, the compost prepared in phase i enters the tunnel where all conditions are under control in order to pasteurize (kill all pathogenic microorganisms) and condition or sweeten (remove ammonia and convert it to nitrate).

Carver Virtual Training Course Titles for Phase I and II Button Mushroom Compost Production:

  • Economic justification for constructing a composting unit and producing button mushroom compost
  • Select the appropriate location for the construction of the composting unit
  • Determining the specifications of the tunnels and the location of the composting unit
  • Composting monitoring phase I
  • Composting monitoring phase II
  • Button mushroom compost spun salon supervision

Prerequisites for Carver production of button mushroom compost for Phase I and II:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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