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  • November 13, 2021
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Producer Of Flower&Vegetable Seeds E-Learning

Virtual training of seeds, vegetables and flowers producer, producer = basically refers to a person who succeeds in producing a certain product by performing raw material supply operations, mixing steps or processing raw materials.

Vegetable seeds and flowers = In fact, seeds are the product of the reproductive growth of flowering plants, which eventually arise from the decline of the ovary or in the case of fruit production within
Fruits arise. In this standard, this product is obtained after the decay of flowers. Producer of vegetable and flower seeds is related to tasks such as: selection and production of suitable seeds, harvesting and processing of seeds, production of seeds in various vegetables, production of seeds of ornamental flowers and cut branches, analysis of seeds, storage of seeds in storage.

Summary of this course:
Seed is the starting point of agriculture. It is one of the important agricultural incomes that is the main basis for the development of the plant community. The seeds of the raw materials are essential for the survival of the living.

Seed producers perform many experiments to achieve the best seeds so that they can identify seeds so that they are at the desired level in terms of both quantitative and qualitative yield.

Disease resistance of cultivars, for example, helps farmers to suffer less damage from a particular disease in the area, or even in cases where there is a disease preventing cultivation, a particular plant species, which if produced seeds Durable this possibility is provided.

The reason that the selection of seeds requires complex experiments. Manufacturing companies, during different growing seasons, perform field tests, and finally introduce these cultivars to farmers in different regions.

Virtual training course topics for seeds, vegetables and flowers:

  • Select and produce suitable seeds
  • Seed harvesting and processing
  • Seed production in a variety of vegetables
  • Production of seeds of ornamental flowers and cut branches
  • Seed analysis
  • Seed storage

Prerequisites for training courses for seeds, vegetables and flowers:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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