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  • November 13, 2021
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Producer Of Grass Plants E-Learning

Virtual plant producer fodder training has been created for people to become fully acquainted with fodder plant producers. Forage plants refer to all plants that are considered animal feed. Forage plants are divided as follows in terms of the type of use they are made of

A) Annual forage plants:

Annual forage plants are plants that stop growing after harvesting one or more folds. Usually, such annual forage plants are grown mainly or in the form of females in other main crops. Forage plants are annual or autumn or spring. Autumn annual forage plants are Plants that are planted in the fall and used in the spring or during the following year, and their types are:

  • Clover (hybridumTrifolium),
  • Persian clover (Trifolium esupinatum),
  • Yellow alfalfa (Medicago hupulina),
  • Mandab (Evuca sativa),
  • Cluster flower vetch (Vicia villosa).

B) Perennial forage plants:

Perennial forage plants are plants that have a period of growth and development of several years and can be harvested several times a year. Planting this type of perennial forage crop has important benefits in terms of agricultural economics, which are: saving on the use of tools and land preparation. Perennials have deep roots that can withstand drought and use groundwater. Therefore, these plants can produce a safe and abundant product. Important forage perennials include:

Alfalfa, sainfoin, sweet clover, red clover. Each annual and perennial forage plant are divided into two categories: spring and autumn.

Course Titles Virtual Plant Producer Virtual Training Course:
Cultivation of dark legumes
Cultivation of dark forage plants of tropical wheat
Cultivation of dark forage plants of cold wheat
Cultivation of forage plants of other genera
Seed control and certification of forage plants
Preparation of silo
Prerequisites for fodder plant production period:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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