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  • November 13, 2021
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Quality Controller E-Learning

Quality controller virtual training: The current era can be called the era of quality. In such a competitive environment, only manufacturers can succeed in providing better quality products and better after-sales service. In fact, quality control has become one of the main considerations before producing any product. Better quality control leads to better efficiency of available resources and reduced production costs. The term quality control consists of the two words control and quality. To better understand this concept, we will continue to explain the meaning of both words. Quality control means: The quality of a product is the sum of the quality of its various characteristics, including its shape, size, strength, composition, and color. Quality means the degree of standards that are applied to make the final product.

The job of a quality control expert is to review industrial products and processes and comply with national and international quality standards such as ISO 9000. You may also help set up and manage corporate quality control systems.

The job description of the quality control expert is:
Receive customer comments and complaints and review them and extract strengths and weaknesses of products
Updating quality control criteria and standards and their compliance with global standards and standards
Constant monitoring of the performance of employees and workers to prevent possible errors
Assessing the quality of work of raw material suppliers and their ranking
Report all available items to senior managers such as the company and factory production manager

Knowledge and skills required by a quality control expert

  • Excellent writing and speaking skills
  • Technical knowledge of the industry in its field of work – because quality control in each industry has its own meaning and dimensions and quality control expert to perform quality controls need to be fully familiar with the knowledge of the industry.
  • Knowledge of quality control standards and related laws
  • Good organizational skills and having a methodical approach to work in order to properly use the best available national and international methods to control the quality of products or services
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and complete projects on time according to the set time
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail – This feature is one of the most important skills required by a quality control specialist in any company and makes quality controls efficient.
  • Good teamwork skills – In order to work with other members of the quality control team in large companies, factories and projects

What you will learn in the quality controller virtual training course:

  • This course provides the basic quality management knowledge that every employee in the organization should have.
  • Find out what makes some organizations an organization in the classroom.
  • How to raise the quality of our product or service to a higher level? Who is this course suitable for:
    Quality technicians, quality engineers, quality managers, project quality managers and others in the field of quality management.

Prerequisites for this course:

This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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