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  • November 13, 2021
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Request In Transportations E-Learning

Virtual Education Demand in Transportation: The rapid economic and demographic growth of metropolitan areas and the increase in private car ownership, along with limited urban transportation infrastructure and the inefficiency of public transportation in large cities, have increased the use of private cars in these cities. Has been.

Understanding the adverse effects of this phenomenon on urban life and its far-reaching socio-economic effects, transportation planners have used a variety of strategies to control and mitigate the effects of this situation, which is called transportation demand management. Is categorized. In this course, we will take a comprehensive look at the demand for transportation and its implications.

Summary of this course:
Given that increasing supply and facilities can not always be considered as the only way to improve the status and performance of various facilities and systems, demand management methods are proposed as a way to achieve the desired goals. Today, in transportation systems, due to limited resources and the impossibility of expanding and increasing the supply of travel demand management methods as important and effective solutions to improve the performance and increase the level of service of transportation systems in cities, especially large cities. It counts.

The basis of this method can be expressed based on the following three general scenarios:

  • Scenario of reducing trips and eliminating some of them altogether
  • Distribute the time of trips and broadcast them at different hours
  • Changing the travel pattern from private transportation to public systems

Virtual Demand for Transportation Course Topics:

  • Fast transport
  • Planning and transportation
  • Planning models in transportation
  • Urban transport management
  • Highways and road transport
  • Travel demand management in urban transport
  • Comprehensive plan of the country’s transportation
  • Introduction to Transportation Engineering

Prerequisite for the Demand in Transportation training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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