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  • November 13, 2021
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Research In Operations E-Learning

Virtual training in operations research, operations research is usually expressed in terms such as Management Science, Quantitative Methods, Quantitative Analysis and Decision Science.

Operations research is usually abbreviated OR. Operations research is a scientific approach that seeks to solve management problems. And its purpose is to help managers make better decisions. Operations research emphasizes a set of mathematical techniques. Which are either developed in the field of management science or from other fields of science. Adapted as mathematics, natural sciences, statistics and engineering. Operations research is a subfield of applied mathematics. And its practical aspects in industrial engineering are also considered. Applied mathematics allows specialists to explore and expand on the theoretical aspects of operations research. And provide the ability to create and develop operations research. It should be remembered that operations research is more than just a set of mathematical techniques. This science, like other sciences, deals with problems in a logical way. The OR view of management issues is a systematic and logical view.

List of operations research virtual training courses:
Optimal management of goods and materials transportation in road, sea, air and pipeline communication networks
Evaluate productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
Schedule meetings
Operations research and management problem solving
Optimal allocation of labor to jobs
Optimal budgeting with the aim of effective use of costs
Optimal flow of materials and goods
Creating communication networks with the lowest cost and ensuring the quality of services
Street and road traffic management
Reduce production costs
This course is useful for the following groups:
Students of Mathematics, Engineering and Business
Operations Engineers
Production leaders
Business analysts
Commercial Office Managers
Prerequisites for Operations Research Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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