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  • November 13, 2021
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SAFE E-Learning

Safe software virtual training: Safe software for designing and analyzing various types of concrete slabs. Prestressed concrete slabs and foundations are among the slabs that are designed and analyzed in SAIF. This software is able to design a variety of structural concrete roofs such as flat and hollow slabs. Production, editing, analysis, optimization and display of model analysis results are done in the powerful graphical environment of this software.

more details:
SAFE software is used to design post-tension concrete floors and foundation systems. The program depicts various areas of the engineering design process, from the general design of the formwork to the introduction of complete drawing details in a simple and understandable environment. The features of SAFE software have been extensively enhanced and in many cases upgraded. This software offers a combination of a powerful, highly efficient and easy-to-use engineering program for users. SAFE software offers comprehensible capabilities and facilities in the field of solid concrete structures and in addition benefits column stress characteristics. We recommend the SAFE software training course to those who are interested and active in this field, especially civil engineering.

Seif Software Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Version 8 tutorial
  • Training version 12
  • Design of steel buildings
  • Design of shear wall buildings
  • Design of concrete buildings with flexural frames
  • Design and analysis of single foundation
  • Tips for designing and analyzing structures

Features of Safe software:

  • Safe software has a powerful and simple graphical environment that is very similar to the space of other CSi software. In this software, the user can call the geometry of the model, forces or displacements from ETABS software.
  • It is also possible for the user to call the structural plan from SAIF to AutoCAD in order to compile executive plans.
  • The output of the analysis in this software can be extracted in the form of Excel and Access files.
  • In a safe environment, soil behavior is modeled using linear springs whose stiffness is obtained based on the bed reaction coefficient.

Prerequisites of SAIF software training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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