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  • November 13, 2021
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Shiitake Mushroom Grower E-Learning

Virtual training for cultivating shiitake mushrooms, or occupational forest mushrooms, is a subset of the horticultural profession that is associated with occupations such as mushroom seed producers (span), supervising engineers, herbalists, and growers.

Summary of this course:
Mushrooms are relatively easy to grow. Today, growers of shiitake mushrooms in the United States produce more than 2,200 tons of fungus annually. The cap of this type of fungus is a pale yellow to dark brown and convex, which flattens slightly over time. The fleshy texture of the mushroom is firm and flexible. Its short, fibrous stem is attached to the cap from the center of the cap and is covered by scattered fibrous spots remaining from the primary membrane.

Like many other high-quality mushrooms, shiitake grows in closed plastic tanks on sawdust layers. Germination of different strains of this fungus takes different periods of time. In some, this period is about 45 days; While others complete the course
They need 100 days. After this time, they are removed from the plastic container and the molds are transferred to the growth chamber. After harvesting, the molds can be prepared for another breeding season. For this purpose, the molds are soaked in water until the mold returns to its original weight.

Topics of the virtual training course for growing Shi Take mushrooms:

  • Ability to set up Shi Take mushroom breeding hall
  • Ability to prepare Shi Take mushroom hall
  • Ability to use Shi Take mushroom salon facilities
  • Ability to prepare the substrate for cultivating Shi Take mushroom
  • Ability to inoculate Take mushroom
  • Ability to control the environmental factors of the fungus
  • Ability to control pests and diseases of fungi
  • Ability to harvest Shi Take mushroom crop
  • Ability to economically estimate the object of Take mushroom design
  • Ability to market Shi Take mushroom product

Prerequisites for the Shi Teke mushroom cultivator training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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