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  • November 13, 2021
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Software Configuration Management Engineer E-Learning

Virtual training of software configuration management engineer:

Easily understand the concepts of project management and become an expert as a project manager using the software tools – MS Professional Projects. There are activities and even a case study that make learning fun. In addition, it covers waterfall, agile and Kanban projects. As a tool like MS Project is used, you will easily understand the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

more details
This course will also be useful for experienced people who want to learn MS Professional Project 2016. However, the features described in this course can expand the understanding of the project management framework and concepts. All features of the MS project are described. Even experienced people, like other MS Office applications or products, do not use all the features of the product and learn them as soon as necessary. If you already have a PMP, get a maximum of 5 PDUs in training.

What you will learn in the virtual training course of software configuration management engineer:
This course explains the critical software project management framework and concepts through the presentation, demonstration, and case study using MS project experts.

  • An experienced project manager can acquire the skills of an MS project specialist as a beginner and start using the MS project specialist for their project.
  • Learning through apps and activities is easier
  • Apart from the Waterfall method, this is the course that builds the Agile and Kanban method through the latest version of MS projects. And has professional capabilities.
  • Easily understand the value gained through the application of the critical path and analysis.
  • Case study on waterfall methods to more easily understand the concepts / framework of the project and the MS project professional

Who is the right software configuration management engineer training course?

  • A student who uses software in his / her college / university curriculum as a project management subject.
  • Graduate students looking to work in the IT industry and learn about MS project management.
  • IT developers, who want to learn project management and plan to get certified later.

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Interest in working on IT projects
  • If MS Professional Project 2016 is installed on their system – even the trail version – it will benefit the participants.
  • Even without installing the MS project, participants can learn project management concepts through presentation.

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