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  • November 13, 2021
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Storage Of Greenhouse Products E-Learning

Virtual training for warehouse greenhouse products, warehouse for greenhouse products is a job from the agricultural group (horticultural) that observes the principles of product grading and packaging and uses the provision of a suitable warehouse environment to store greenhouse products that are at least breathable It brings the product after harvest, leads to increasing the life after harvest and maintaining the quality of the product and its durability until the market.

Summary of this course:

Performing product quality maintenance operations:
The quality of a product is often measured by the image of that product in people’s minds. This means that a warehouseman judges the quality of a product by his own experience and attitude or by the opinion of others.

The concept of quality in the case of vegetables and fruits is complex. In addition to appearance characteristics (such as size, color and firmness), the number of minerals and vitamins, taste and other organoleptic properties should also be considered. The quality of greenhouse products for fresh consumption is determined by appearance (color, size, shape, no physiological damage and tissue stiffness), organoleptic and nutritional characteristics (nutritional health).

The quality of the aroma (odor) was mostly related to the exponential compounds, sugars and the amount of acid. While the number of minerals, vitamins and carotenoids indicates the nutritional quality of the product. In addition to affecting fruit color, carotenoids are a good source of vitamin A and antioxidants and are important in preventing cancer and heart disease.

Greenhouse Warehouse Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Perform operations to maintain product quality
  • Using cooling equipment and appropriate methods of cooling the product
  • Perform packing and arrangement operations
  • Warehousing and providing environmental conditions
  • Fight against storage diseases
  • Warehouse pest control

Prerequisites for greenhouse products warehousing training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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