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  • November 13, 2021
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Strawberry Soil Greenhouse Cultivation E-Learning

Virtual training of strawberry soil greenhouse cultivation is a qualification of the agricultural group (agriculture) which is related to jobs such as sellers of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, farmers, greenhouse owners, builders of greenhouse structures, sellers of agricultural products.

Summary of this course:
Strawberry, a perennial herbaceous plant with creeping stems or stolons, belongs to the Rosaceae family, the existing cultivars of strawberries are of the genus Fragaria. And species of pineapple (ananassae Fragaria). Strawberry fruit, as the queen of fruits, is a very popular fruit in many countries of the world, it is rich in fiber, water, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients and has a special place in terms of nutritional value, properties and therapeutic benefits. Is among the fruits and food baskets of the communities.

Different commercial cultivars of strawberries are based on the specific characteristics of the fruit (flavor and appearance) as well as the type of plant growth pattern (spring or four seasons, etc.) around the world for different uses of fresh fruit or for processing in the food industry and The drug is grown all over the world. In recent years, strawberries are among the most economically and nutritionally important fruits in Iran. Depending on the climatic conditions of the region and the type of cultivar and its reproductive and growth characteristics, as well as the purpose of strawberry fruit production (fresh or processed), strawberry cultivation in any region can be in the greenhouse or in the open air and farm. be done.

Vertical training course topics for strawberry soil greenhouse cultivation:

  • Economic estimation of greenhouse production plan
  • Location, construction of greenhouses and selection of appropriate structures and equipment
  • Prepare a suitable substrate for growing strawberries
  • Disinfection of culture medium
  • Strawberry planting operation
  • Operation had strawberries
  • Control and fight against all kinds of pests, diseases and weeds
  • Perform harvesting and post-harvest operations
  • Packaging and marketing

Prerequisites for strawberry soil greenhouse cultivation training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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