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  • November 13, 2021
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Strength Of Material E-Learning

Material Strength Virtuality Material strength is a part of materials science that studies the strength of engineering materials and their mechanical behavior in general (such as stress, strain, deformation, and the relationship between stress and strain). The main goal of the Materials Strength Training course is to provide a platform for future engineers to analyze and design a variety of machines and load-bearing structures. Analysis and design of any known structure include calculation of stresses and deformations. In materials science, the resistance of a substance is its ability to withstand the load of failures.

Summary of this course:

Force: A factor that moves or creates motion when it enters objects. Or deformation.

Types of forces:
1) Volumetric and mass forces: forces that enter the mass particles such as weight and magnetic force.
2) Surface forces: forces a force to a certain level.
3) Internal forces: Each body is composed of small particles that are located at a large distance from each other in relation to the diameter of the particles, and strong intermolecular gravity keeps these particles together. This distance is a constant value. Whenever an external force is applied to a body, internal forces are necessarily created in it, which cause the deformation of the objects.

Materials resistance virtual training course topics:

  • Material strength
  • Solve material strength issues.
  • General concepts of tension
  • Stress analysis in members under axial load
  • Strain and deformation in members under axial load (definition of strain, stress-strain relationships, Hook uniaxial law, study of stress-strain curve for different materials, thermal strain, use of adaptation equation of spatial change to solve problems. Side strain, coefficient Poisson, generalized Hooke equations for homogeneous isotropic materials, bulk and bulk modulus, stress in cylinder and thin-walled sphere under internal pressure)
  • Twist
  • Pure bending
  • Shear stress under lateral force
  • Stress and strain transformations
  • Rise of the arrows

Prerequisites for the material strength training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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