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  • November 13, 2021
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Structural And Greenhouse Equipment Installation E-Learning

Virtual training in the installation of structures and equipment for greenhouse and soilless greenhouses includes a complete set of technical, scientific and practical training that enables the student to study the location of the greenhouse, construction of foundations, installation of structures and types of greenhouse coverings.

Summary of this course:

Steps of greenhouse construction:
In principle, commercial greenhouses are established with the aim of mass and economical production of flowers and ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits. Therefore; To
Preparation of suitable environmental conditions inside them:
1- Choosing a suitable place,
2- Type of structure,
3- Type of cover,
4 – Facilities used in them,
5- Optimal and modern management (participatory and group) and a comprehensive location guide for greenhouse construction

  1. The methods of exploiting their products, from seedlings to supply to the target market are of fundamental importance.

Therefore, to build a greenhouse, the following steps should be considered:

  • First step; The choice of location (correct location) is suitable for building a greenhouse, which will have a significant effect on increasing the quantity and quality of products along with reducing costs, according to general legal criteria, therefore; The purpose of choosing a suitable place is the following axes:
  1. Easy access to transportation routes
    2- Easy access to cheap and low-polluting energy in the environment.
  • Step two; The water supply source must be tested for quantity and quality before the greenhouse is built.
  • Step three; Shading as little as possible for the greenhouse skeleton. The size of the shade created depends on the angle of sunlight, the season and the type of greenhouse structure. Shade greatly affects the quality of plant growth in winter, when the light intensity is lower. Also, if the land is sloping, greenhouse construction should start from the middle of the slope (medium height).

Topics of Virtual Training Course for Installation of Structural Instruments and Equipment for Soil and Soilless Greenhouses:

  • Check the location of the greenhouse
  • Greenhouse foundation construction
  • Greenhouse structural installation
  • Install all kinds of greenhouse covers
  • Installation of greenhouse facilities, equipment and tools

Prerequisites for the training course on installation of structural tools and equipment for soil cultivation without soil:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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