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  • November 13, 2021
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Technical Worker Greenhouse Tomatoes Production E-Learning

Virtual training of a greenhouse tomato production technician is a job in the Department of Agriculture, which has tasks such as using greenhouse equipment and facilities, preparing the bed, treasury, transferring seedlings from the nursery to the main bed and placing them in the soil. Operations included harvest operations.

Summary of this course:
Tomato is an important vegetable of the eggplant family (Solanaceae). It is widely cultivated and produced all over the world on the farm and in the greenhouse as a controlled environment. Tomatoes are widely used in major agricultural industries. And now its production in the world has reached more than 160 million tons. The area under tomato cultivation in Iran has reached more than 150,000 hectares and the annual production is about 6 million tons. After potatoes, tomatoes play an important role in the food basket of Iranian families.

In addition to eating fresh tomatoes, it is also used in various forms such as peeled fruit, juice, pickles, dried, chopped fruits, leaves, powder, paste, puree, sauces, soups, ketchup and… This product is produced throughout the year in different regions of the country. In other words, after the end of the growing season in temperate and cold regions, its cultivation begins in warmer regions and is continuously produced until the end of the year. It should be noted that tomatoes are sensitive to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, are damaged and in the sources are considered as products of the hot season, but due to the balanced temperature in the tropical regions of the country, there is a possibility of continuous production.

Greenhouse tomato production technical worker virtual training course topics:

  • Using greenhouse equipment and facilities
  • Bed preparation
  • Treasury
  • Transfer the seedlings from the nursery to the main bed and place in the soil
  • Had operations
  • Harvest operation
  • Applying health and safety in the workplace

Prerequisites for the training course for technical workers in greenhouse tomato production:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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